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How to Edit Photo in Photoshop Using 36 Professional Tutorials

Are you are a professional graphic designer or photo editor who want to know how to edit photo in photoshop?

If you’re answer is YES than let me tell you something important about that!

Hi I’m Bima and thank you for visiting my page, during my past 10 years in wedding photography I have friends who working so hard as a photo editor. I know as well that they work day and night, spend thousand of dollars to buy a retina display Macbook pro, or even buy an Intuos Wacom but still DON’T EARN ANYTHING from design work.

The only reason that makes them failed is because they don’t know exactly how to edit photo in photoshop!

I work seriously in wedding photography niche but once I’m done with capturing moment than I still have to do post production which is mean the retouching process, go take a look my tips about simple trick for an outdoor shooting if this is your first time to visit my blog. On that page I was in Bali Indonesia for wedding shooting and I shoot both in indoor for blessing ceremony and outdoor for post wedding and party.

I know as well that some of newbie designer always think that the first rules of being a graphic designer is having a brand new tools of computer which is costs thousand of dollars for sure but they definitely wrong! Design is a soft skill that really need a knowledge about their own skill at the first time and not about the tools or gears.

So lets keep your money back and start learning and learning in deep about using photoshop, once you got done with this, go upload your portfolio or sign in on design competitions than your money will start to come into your pocket.

Through this page I want you able to mastering all the photoshop techniques and change your work into masterpiece.

Please remind that all the tutorials on this page will using Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop CC but as long as you have CS5 – CC version or newer than you’ll be fine! Here you can buy the Adobe Photoshop CC on Amazon for just US$238


Here are 5 things that you will learn in deep

  1. Photo manipulation
  2. Compositing
  3. Retouching
  4. Color correction
  5. Color grading


Want this Photoshop tutorial A.S.A.P?



It’s not stop here cause you will still learn these 36 specific skills below

  1. How to create a cartoon character with photo manipulation and retouching
  2. How to make facial features pop out with retouching
  3. How to make your photos come ALIVE
  4. How to change the lighting in a photo
  5. How to make your portraits look out of this world
  6. How to turn a self portrait into a studio shot portrait
  7. How to create surreal looking character with an advanced retouching technique
  8. How to transform a basic portrait into a glamour shot
  9. How to turn your photos into high impact magazine ads
  10. How to give your portraits the ‘video game look’
  11. How to create more impactful portraits
  12. How to glamz up a budget photo shoot with editing
  13. How to turn a girl into a surreal character
  14. How to create stylized black and white portrait
  15. How to add an enchanted atmosphere to your photos
  16. How to create breathtaking images
  17. How to create a fantasy environment with photo manipulation
  18. How to turn a daytime scene into a night scene
  19. How to turn your photo into a flashy poster ads
  20. How to retouch your portraits like the pros
  21. How to give a photo a cool grungy desaturated look
  22. How to do an extreme makeover digitally in photoshop
  23. How to bring out colors and details in your photos
  24. How to change the look of a dull photo with color grading
  25. How to make the most out of your RAW photos
  26. How to create a lightbox for pocket change
  27. Digital painting for beginners – How to paint with a mouse
  28. How to create fantasy characters in photoshop
  29. How to make a portrait pop out of the screen
  30. How to transform your portraits with color grading
  31. How to create a zombie infested city
  32. How to improve the look of your wedding photos
  33. And more tutorials that will give you FULL ACCESS to become a master of digital art
  34. Day and night conversion + color grading
  35. HDR editing + color grading
  36. Tone mapping + texture blending

Now take a look some snap shot proof on this awesome tuutorials

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Why you should learn how to edit photo in photoshop tutorials?

  • Without any photoshop knowledge than you just waste your time and money for sure
  • This tutorials are commonly use by professional who working on a big agency, high-end client, and magazine
  • It’s a super simple tutorials that EVERYONE can learn


Are you ready to learn more about how to edit photo in photoshop?



Tools that will support you to learn this tutorials:

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