how to pose couple naturally on engagement session

How to Pose Couple Naturally on Engagement Session

Hi people hope you have a wonderful day, today I’m gonna share a nice tips of how to pose couple naturally on engagement session. By the way I just finished my recent photo shoot taken in several beautiful places like Bali, Yogyakarta, and Maldives so I think it’s the right time to share with.

It’s quite challenging cause as a photographer we always face the problem where we meet couple who totally CAN’T POSE at all. Some couple also feel weird if we pose too close or romantic as giving a kiss and hug so what we learn today is how to solve it and make a simple ice breaking so they able to enjoy for whole photo shoot.

How to Pose Couple Naturally on Engagement Session

Personally I have 5 simple tricks to pose couple naturally, I sure you can do that cause this very simple:

  • Release your memory card, I always do this technique for 15 – 20 minutes once my photo shoot begin. Why I’m release my card? cause I sure that there wouldn’t be a nice picture on it. Do some photo shoot and let your couple hear your shutter sound, it just like a warming up and know the couple personally. Once you know that your couple is getting enjoy than you can put the memory card in and start shooting.
  • Call them by name, you definitely call your couple by name it takes you in very close relationship
  • Do eye contact, you should do it cause when you see them through their eyes it will give more nice impression to them. Your couple will trust you no matter they don’t know you before
  • Give some appreciation, call them with a nice word such as, Stunning! Gorgeous! or Beautiful! will increase their mood so say the best words that you can
  • Rock and roll, photography isn’t a formal job so here we have to get as close as we can to someone who we serve. Give some joke, smile, and laugh will make your relationship with couple better than you just keep silent like a gold.


Now I’m gonna guide you with showing my photos and describe how I pose them and give some points that you can do the same or give a simple modify.

Jasmine and Kevan – Bali INDONESIA

outdoor photo shoot technique

I took this photo in Patra Bali Resort, it’s such beautiful beach-front hotel in a cost in Bali Indonesia. When someday you there, there is a coral stone for about 4 meter heights. You can take your couple up and pose them there, it’s beautiful on sunset time. Here is what I did for them:

  1. Take them up on the coral stone
  2. Let the them hug each other, put your groom’s hand on the bride’s shoulder and let the bride hold her groom’s waits
  3. Facing their face on the same direction, and
  4. Let them close their eyes and give a little bit smile

Here I use a nice gear such as EOS 5D Mark IV and 16-35 mm f2.8 to give very nice landscape. I set my camera for 16 mm of focal length, f number is 2.8, and exposure time is 1/125. You can see whole galleries of my above couple here!


Intan and Alva – D’Omah Yogyakarta

I took this photo in d’Omah, an authentic resort in the south of Yogyakarta, if you have a chance to be there than stay for couple nights and get a joyful view of rice paddy field will be amazing. Just nearby a pool you will see a corner with a unique hanging lamp, just few days ago I also wrote a post about lighting where you can learn how to create a wow pictures with 1 simple flash, go check it out too cause this pose is related with that technique. Here is what I did for them:

  1. Take them close to the wall, about 1 meter distance from the wall
  2. Let them look at each other, put your bride’s left hand on the groom’s right shoulder and let the groom hold his bride’s waist
  3. Asking your bride to hold your flash that face to the wall using her other hands

This pose is using off-camera flash technique so you will need a wireless trigger receiver, I used flashWave3 it’s quite nice even I got 50 meter away. I also use my used camera of Canon EOS 60D cost US$279 on Amazon and 24-70 mm f2.8 L series lens.I set my camera in 27 mm length, f number 2.8, and exposure time 1/125, you can see whole galleries of my above couple here!


Billy and Dickie – Lux* South Ari Atoll Maldives

natural couple pose on engagement session

I flew to Maldives and stay on Lux* South Ari Atoll to serve this lovely Hong Kong couple, if you stay there don’t miss the baby shark feeding just nearby connecting bridge to the water villa ares. This pose is only using available light so you don’t need to be worry if don’t have a flash on your camera bag. Luckily I got a beautiful beach-front dinner table set cause some guest want to have a private dinner so I took my couple on this set.

Here is what I did for them:

  1. Take them close to asile
  2. Let the bride kiss her groom’s cheek and make sure she get very close to him, it take into more romantic
  3. Ask the groom to hold his bride’s back and give a nice smile on the face

I use Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and my zoom 70-200 mm f2.8 L series lens than set my camera in 78 mm length, f number 2.8, and exposure time 1/1600, you can see whole galleries of my above couple here!

Through this post I hope you will learn about how to pose couple naturally on engagement session. Here in Asia, we known as well this session as pre wedding cause most of couple will do this session about 6 – 12 months before their wedding day.

I let my services to be focus on destination wedding so it’s challenging niche where I dedicate my self to serve a photo session where not set in my home town even I still serve few couple too in my city.

If you stay in a small city just don’t be worry cause this is the problem that I have too, so rather than promote my services local I using my blog to promote my services worldwide. Today I live Yogyakarta it’s a nice city that sometimes you have to visit, a lot of culture here and delicious food that you must try.

Internet is borderless so as long as you are great and able to handle client in high quality standard than you will get the deal. I wrote my own story about how I promote my photography services to worldwide client with an internet connection, go read it.

Just leave a comment below if you want to say hi or ask something about wedding photography to me, cheers and see you in another article.

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