7 Photographer’s Ways to Stay Healthy

No matter who we are than we always fine the best ways to stay healthy, it means including you and me who become a photographer. As you know as well that our job might be far from the gym area but in my case my mom was a diabetic person so I want to struggle and stay fit by running my photography business.

Hi what’s up guys and thank you for visiting my blog, my name is Bima and become a destination wedding photographer for over than 10 years. Now I live in Yogyakarta Indonesia but I travel around the world to shooting weddings and pre weddings, in fact I also receive special enquiry from my past couple to do portrait family in such wonderful places.

After I passed my 30’s age I found my friend passed away because of some reasons but one of them is because they’re not care enough with their body. What I want to do in my life is still running my photography business and stay close with my family as long as I can. Today I do swimming and badminton sport regularly with my photographer’s friend who also find the ways to stay healthy.

Just in case you want to see what I did in my past photo shoot, here you can see my behind the scene video while I’m having fun with my socialite clients who brought me to Hong Kong on the past winter season.

7 Ways to Stay Healthy Tips for Photographer

Down here I’m gonna give you my 7 ways to stay healthy tips that related to professional photographer job, it can be done by anyone actually but in several numbers I try to related in specific due to our profession.

1 – Eat only healthy food

When I said a healthy food it doesn’t mean you can’t go to your BBQ restaurant and eat your favorite ribs and sausages but here I recommend you to eat a lot of healthy brothers ingredients, the vegie and fruits! Once you get these two ingredients on your meal than I’m pretty sure that everything will gonna be OK.

Everyone knows that healthy food can reduce your cholesterol and keep your blood pressure normal but some people are really hate to peal the fruits or chops some fresh vegie and make a morning salad.

2 – Get sport at least once a week

Since two years ago I start my own sport once a week even sometimes I got twice. I love badminton and swimming so bad and I did it with Nina my wife and some our best friends. I’m focusing on quality rather than the times, we rent a badminton court for couple of bucks for 2 hours and get sweat like freakin’ badass.

I do swimming less than 40 minutes and it takes me get a lot of fun and stay healthy. If you never do this on your life than I suggest you to start your own sport once a month and do it regularly for 3 months than add your practice smoothly may be twice a month till you can do it for every single week.

I’m not recommend you to push over the limits when doing a sport cause sport injuries will get you to really bad situation and it may effect to your photographer’s job so if this gonna be your first time than simple do it for once a month and just less than an hour.

3 – Don’t Smoke

It’s not only your doctor said that ‘You can die with smoke’ but if you watch a movie in Independence Day back in 1996 then you will hear the same too.

Rather than get your ridiculous smoke that will effected to you and your family’s health, just get your fresh fruits from the fridge than you can make your own 10 minutes smoothies to refresh your day. I eat fruits every single day and I let my wife, and kids get it too, the result there is no flu or other simple disease on our family.

4 – Bring roller camera bag, rather than the shoulder bag

It was in 2014 when I got my first shoulder pain which make me unable to hold my shower and it was so painful!

The only reason why I got this pain is because I using my shoulder bag, rather than using that simple bag I recommend you to use only the best roller camera bag that you can put on the cabin and rollin’ up in the airport or bring it up into a backpack. Once I use my roller camera in every photo shoot that I had than I got no shoulder pain anymore, this simple tips are really useful and I found a lot of my photographer’s friends did the same thing just like me.

5 – Get simple Yoga exercise before you go!

The next tips of ways to stay healthy is get some very simple Yoga exercise, I know as well that for newbie than 3 minutes Yoga will get you sweat and it is really hard but what I’m gonna told you here is simple Yoga exercise that you can do on your hotel’s room without any cheap US$16 Yoga mat at all.

Just for your kind information that there are 7 simple Yoga poses that you can do by your own, there are Mountain pose (tadasana), Child’s pose (balasana), Cat/Cow pose (marjaryasana), Downward-facing dog (adho mukha svanansana), Warrior I (virabhadrasanaI), Warrior II (virabhadrasana II), and Corpse Pose (shavasana). Really it just simple move that you can do by your own, but if you want to learn more about it than you read in deep about simple Yoga exercise that will burn your fat and keep you strong like a horse

6 – Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep

I got so many friends get insomnia back few years ago while I still studying in architecture major, yes they can’t sleep even at 10pm so majority of them will get sleep around 3 am in the morning and that make their body unstable.

I read a nice blog which give me some tips to get sleep faster with high quality and I’m pretty sure that this gonna be the best ways to stay healthy too.

  • Try to force yourself to stay awake
  • Get up and do something for 10 minutes
  • Hide your clock
  • Cool your room
  • Take a warm shower before bed – I did it so often and truly blessed my sleep!
  • Wear socks to bed
  • Immerse your face in very cold water for 30 seconds
  • Scent your bedroom with lavender

7 – Manage your stress

If you think smoke is the best way to die than other opinion said that smoke is 2nd best way to get die, do you want to know the number 1 is?

The stress!

Back in 2007 when I’m finished my social activities in a village in Yogyakarta, I stay for 1 month with local people who live by becoming a farmer and they smoke like a train! The old man just told me ‘Kid…the number 1 thing that you can do to get longer life is manage your stress not smoking’.

Truly I’m shock of it cause I knew that he getting 80 on that day and still go to farm, dig the soil, feed his cows, and got a damn smoke for every 2 hours. So no matter who you are and what kind of job that you do so manage your stress. The best way to release your stress is by let your problem down, here you wouldn’t forget it but you just let it down and take a little while to relax. Take a deep breath and if you believe in God than talk to your lovely God and ask him to help you.

In case you are an atheism it’s not a big deal cause you still can learn more about how to solve your panic and get release your stress. I’m not going it gonna be easy but better you know it than you just get stress and can’t running your business as well.

Anyway thank you so much to read my personal story about photographers tips of ways to stay healthy. If this gonna be your first time to visit my blog and you are a person who have a passion with photography than you can read my recent article about how to start your wedding photography business from home. Every finished my photo shoot I used to share the story in this blog and hope you like it and I’ll see you in the next few days.

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