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Hi, my name is Bima, and I’m so glad to find you here because it means that you you love photography so bad!

bima grand hyatt jakartaNo matter you are in the beginning chapter or you just spend few years in this business, I hope you’ll find some inspiration from my blog. When I start to learn photography in 2004 and begin to monetize my services for $10 photo shoot than I realize that I got no one who want to teach me of how to become a better photographer till I meet Joe Buissink, a Hollywood wedding photographer that shoot so many celebrity wedding in Bali Indonesia.

After joining some associations like WPJA, AG|WPJA, and ISPWP back few years ago I got inspiration and more idea of how to become a better photographer especially on my concern business niche called wedding. Than today I’m focusing my services for destination wedding photographer and shoot various awesome couple in such beautiful and cool destinations such as Bali, Hong Kong, and Maldives.

What I want to do in this blog is share for what I got or what I did in photography business cause I realize that become a photographer is one of greatest decision that I ever made in my entire life. I couldn’t say that it’s an easy journey but as long as you put your passion on it and you will see that money will follow…..don’t ask me how it happen but it always happen even for someone else who put passion seriously!


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Happy learning and wishing you the best of luck on your real photography journey!