best wide angle lens for canon

Why Canon 16-35 mm f2.8 Become of the Best Wide Angle Lens for Canon

If you are a wedding photographer and want to know about the best wide angle lens for canon than I suggest you to go for this 16-35 mm f2.8 L series lens.

Hi fellas my name is Bima and thank you for visiting my blog, I working as a professional wedding photographer since 2008 and using Canon camera since the beginning. I could say that I got familiar sense of using several lens in my wedding session. By the way I shoot in journalism style where I put my concern about capturing moment so bad, in a short sentence…I can’t negotiate with losing moment at all.

Even know I move to Nikon I want to share my good story when I still using this absolute gears for whole of my wedding. There is no bad stories of using Canon and I just want to explore more with the Nikon series camera and find a new way of capturing moments.


Why 16 mm for Wedding Journalism

In a short information that 16-35mm lens that I mentioned here is a member of L series lens which is a premium or the highest level lens on Canon brand, it has a red ring on the lens as a symbol. You could browse more about this L series lens and they were insane!

When you use 16-35 mm f2.8 especially with full frame sensor camera like what 5D family had than 16 mm wide range is absolutely stunning, it’s wide, capturing surrounding perfectly and you can bet for the sharpness for sure.

This lens has come in several generations at lest the first and second USM generation, if you have a deep pocket than buy a new one is great but as long as you concern about another business expenses than buy it on Amazon will be the best way.

If you use it on non-full frame camera than this lens wouldn’t be optimum cause your 16 mm will goes to around 25 mm. It still wide for sure but trust me, put this lens on full-frame camera sensor will optimize your work result.

If you shooting in journalism style means you are a moment hunter than capture the moment it self is way important than other technical specification like focus or sharpness (sure you have to train your self to capture the good one too).

best wide angle lens for canon

See this framing preparation photo above that I took in Indonesia few months ago, see how all of people on this frame are don’t care about me. Some of them are sit and talk to their family, others is doing a make up even my bride sit and put her hand beautifully on her bridal.

Using this 16 mm wide range will let you as a super close sniper, no body assume that you are shooting even you never stop pushing your shutter and here is the beauty of journalism, you can catch the right moment without a limits.


No Doubt on f2.8

With its f2.8 feature on this lens I sure that you can make a great image, it’s really sharp and fast. When you work on wedding industry than being a fast is a thing that you gonna expect! I love any kind of lens which has 2.8 for their aperture, even when you see my gears now than I still using wide range lens with f2.8 for sure….can’t move from this lens at all.

If you see my picture below than it’s a real shot of 16 mm that I had during my pre wedding in Maldives, it’s after the sunset time so all the ambiance light is goes low. All I had is just a candle light on the table and my LED dimmable video light hold by my couple (see the light source behind their face).

By set your aperture on maximum, which is f2.8, than this lens will show its best. F2.8 will let as many light come in to your camera even surrounding goes dark, by the way I just told you that I shot after the sunrise so even it’s dark than you still able to see the gradation of blue and orange color on the sky, so beautiful and once you are in this resort you will definitely can feel the energy when I’m shooting.



Get More Reviews of 16-35 mm f2.8 L series

If you want to see more reviews and specification about this stunning lens than simply go to Amazon and read all beautiful reviews about this cool lens. You gonna see some series of 16-35 mm lens so make sure you spend your budget seriously. I mean buy the one is great but as long as you still wanna spend for other gears than buy the second hand is still works well.

I work well with this lens for over than 4 years and it helps me to blow my couple mind away, it;s totally perfect even I shoot after party scene inside the dark room and laser light everywhere.

When you wanna buy 16-35 mm f2.8 on Amazon you will see some offer, the new and the used item than you can choose any that suitable on your budget.


Gear Recommendation When You Expect the Similar Result

5D Mark IV

If you love Canon brand than having 5D Mark IV on your own is the best decision that you can made, I tried several series of 5D family and bring it to cross over this globe on wedding and engagement and it is perfect. When you shoot in RAW and I sure that you got no worries when adjust it on your light room, it’s totally different when you shoot with old 7D and work on it, overall money is still matter.

Tokina AT-X 11-16mm f2.8 for Canon mount

If you already had a camera body or even lower than 5D series and expecting the similar result as 16-35 mm than buying a Tokina 11-16 mm f2.8 for Canon mount is a good decision too. I put this lens on my back up camera as 60D and I still shooting like a sniper as well.

Try it this lens is cheaper but it works well!


My Last Tips for You!

If you work on wedding industry than having this ultimate wide lens of 16-35 mm f2.8 is amazing, you can bet for its fast, sharpness, and even super cool blur on various aperture setting and it would be so cool if you put this lens on full-frame sensor camera like 5D Mark IV.

But just in case you already have another body than you can expect from Tokina 11-16 mm still with f2.8 for similar result, surely it’s cheaper!

Keep shooting and creating the most beautiful moment for your couple and let them cry or blown their mind away. I hope you got an idea from what I wrote today and if you have any question about experience of shooting with this lens before you buy than you can leave a comment below.

I might not be online every hour but once I’m done with studio works than I will reply for your message ASAP, keep rock guys cause you are awesome!

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