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8 Reliable Wedding Photography Gear That You Should Have

I could say that running a photography business isn’t cheap cause before we talk about marketing than having the most reliable wedding photography gear are really matter.

Hi everyone my name is Bima and thank you for visiting my blog, it was so nice to found you here cause I can meet somebody who has the same passion with me. By the way I shoot wedding since 2008 and developing my own studio called Bima Adhitya Photography together with my wife.

As I said before that as a photographer we do have our own photography gear and it can be costs thousand of dollars. Rather than rent it (I’ve tried for several years) it’s better for you to have your own photo gears to explore more in photography and the most important thing is you will definitely know your ‘gun’ better before you go to work.

Reliable Wedding Photography Gear That You Should Have

If we talk about photography gear than there will be no limits but what I’m gonna share here is the most reliable photography gear that suit on commonly people pocket but it works great for capturing moments, so lets start it!

#1 – Primary Camera

During my session I used to bring 2 body on my cabin flight camera bag, it’s a primary and back up camera. You know that I working in wedding photography business so bring 2 body will help me to NOT losing the moment cause this is for what I’m working for.

My primary camera today is Nikon Df and I love the design and feature as well, as a full frame camera this Df is freakin’ hot and support my journalism moment as well.

#2 – Back Up Camera

I can’t negotiate for the moment in wedding photo shoot so rather than changing my lens and losing the moment, I better to bring 2 body and put two kind of lenses (I will tell you later) stand by during 8 tp 16 hours wedding celebration.

If you have more budget on your bank than you can buy the same gear as your primary body but in case you want to save your money for other gears than you can choose lower specs camera for your back up and today I have Nikon D700 for my back up body.

D700 was awesome and even you buy it for used item but it still help me to capturing the moment as well so I could say that it’s highly recommend gear.

#3 – Memory Cards

Make sure you bring good memory card on your job cause this is where your artworks will be saved. The maximum card capacity that I recommend you to use is 64GB cause it reduce the digital error factor is you accidentally lose the data.

Nowadays I feel satisfy with Sandisck Extreme 32GB Compact Flash and Sandisk Extreme Pro 64 SDXC card. During my photo session I used to bring 2 cards for my primary camera and 2 cards for my back up camera…and it’s quite enough for shooting wedding or engagement for 8 to 16 hours for sure.

#4 – External Hard Drive

For me external hard drive is really important cause I used to back up my files into 3 different places, on my memory cards, my laptop, and surely on external hard drive.

As I said before that I can’t negotiate by losing the moment so copying my files into 3 different sources is make me feel safe and I sure that you also don’t want to lose your art works file!

If you want to have a nice one than my recommendation is WD 2TB Hard Drive and it’s wonderful!

#5 – Wide Range Lens

I’m shooting wedding with journalism style so better for me to capture the real moment and having a wide range lens is my priority. In fact sometimes I walk down on my client or their guest and talk to them while I let my finger push the shutter without see the view finder….so what I did is push it fast so my client don’t realize that I still capturing the moment.

If you use Nikon gear just like me than I can recommend for Nikon AFS 14-24 mm f2.8 and 14 mm for the maximum wide range on my full frame camera sensor was fantastic.

In case you use Canon than 16-35 mm f2.8 L series was also fabulous!

#6 – Tele Lens

Shooting in wedding photography is about capturing moment and create the story on the album so having the tele lens is helping me to be like sniper. Somehow church is so huge and I don’t wanna disturb the moment by standing to close with my couple so what I did is put the tele lens on my back up camera.

Here I got Nikon 70-200 mm f2.8 VR on my own,  it’s bulk but don’t have any choice for the moment and believe me I love heavy gear for sure so having this awesome lens on my session is still reliable!

#7 – Rolling Cabin Flight Bag

I travel a lot on my wedding photo assignment so bring my cabin bag is great, sometimes I only spend 1 night in Bali and put my clothes also in it 🙂

My favorite is Think Tank Advantage, cause I can bring 2 body, 3-4 lenses, my laptop and apparels. I just remember back few years ago when I travel to Hong Kong for portrait shot and I only bring this bag, OMG it was so efficient cause if you’ve been there, Hong Kong airport is sooooo huge and waiting for your luggage in the belt conveyor (plus ride with the sky train) is wasting time for sure.

Article to consider:

#8 – Speedlite

I love shooting on available light generally but sometimes I also have fun with simple posing and use the speedlite to creating pictures.

Now I have the Nikon SB700 on my bag and using it for off camera flash on post ceremonial session is wonderful.

Generally I don’t push it for direct flash cause it will make my photo flat so in case I’m using it during the wedding I will bounce it on the roof or other spots.

Article to consider:


Post Production Works

By the way I love to do post production works by my self, photography is truly a handmade services so I love to retouching my photos before I deliver it to my couple. Here I’m gonna share to you about gears and software that I use on post production:

iMac 21-inch on studio

I’m  a Mac user since 2011 and when I work at my studio than having my 21-inch iMac is great. Here I work for all my photos, retouching, do the skype video talk with my couple and surely watch my favorite movie on it.

What I love about iMac is it always comes with great resolution and when I print my photos on photo paper than I got precisely setting through it, so I could say that I recommend you to have an iMac for your own.

Lightroom Presets

Few years ago I got a privilege on Lightroom presets and it begin when Sleeklens is supporting my works and provide me with their great wedding presets.

If you would like to boost your works speed than having Forever Thine Wedding Presets is one great choice that you can do. You could try it and use it for your own and when I retouch hundred of wedding images than this Lightroom presets help me a lot


My Overseas Travel Recommendation

I’m focusing my services in destination wedding so mostly I travel a lot due to my wedding shooting. Down here I’m gonna share to you about travel services that I recommend you to use:

Unique Homes

When I stuck with staying in a hotel than stay on Airbnb is my choices. What I love about airbnb is I able to meet with my house owner, get a toast bread, jam, and fruit cook personally by him is a better experience that I need when I far away from home.

If you expect the same experiences just like I had than as an active Airbnb user I can deliver a $30 stay voucher to you. All things that you could consider is this voucher will works after you spend at least $70 for your accommodations.

Hotels and Resorts

Getting tired due to photo shoot took me into a situation where I need a great hospitality to recover my energy so I used to stay up to 2 nights in the same resorts where I meet my couple or other hotels that I like so much.

For over than 10 years I used,

It was great, fast check out and I love the system so much so no matter where I go and expecting to stay in a great hotels than Agoda is number one for sure!



So I have 8 reliable wedding photography gear on my camera bag and I always bring it during my photo session. Just to make a simple for you and here I will write all these 8 awesome photography gears that support me during all my session:

  1. I use Nikon Df for my primary body
  2. Nikon D700 is also on my bag for back up camera
  3. Memory cards, I use the Sandisck Extreme 32GB Compact Flash and Sandisk Extreme Pro 64 SDXC
  4. WD 2TB Hard Drive to save all my photography data
  5. As a freak journalism guy I have Nikon AFS 14-24 mm f2.8
  6. Surely Nikon 70-200 mm f2.8 VR to help me shooting on the huge church
  7. Think Tank Advantage rolling camera bag that suit on any airlines cabin, and
  8. Nikon SB700 to help me during post ceremonial shooting

All of these 8 photography gear are available on Amazon so you can buy in safe and wait for all the gears coming into your front door.

I hope you got an inspiration and benefit from what I share in this article and I will see you in the next story, simply leave a comment below if you want to ask more about some wedding photography gear and as long as I have an experience with that than I will reply it for ASAP!

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