best mirrorless camera for photography beginners

5 Best Mirrorless Camera for Photography Beginners

If you looking for recommendation of best mirrorless camera for photography beginners than you should read this post,

Hi it is Bima here and I’m working over than 10 years as destination wedding photographer and during my business I use mirrorless camera as backup tools in my photo shoot but it belongs to my primary camera for travel and food shooting.

Mirrorless camera is really interesting cause it is tiny, simple, and all the prices are reasonable. I tried several best mirrorless camera for photography beginners back few years ago and here I can suggest you with the top 5 of them:

  1. Sony Alpha a6300 + 16-50 mm power zoom lens – US$898
  2. Canon EOS M100 + EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM Lens (Graphite) – US$479
  3. Fujifilm X-A3 with 16-50 mm lens – US$525
  4. Samsung NX300 with 20-50 mm lens – US$1,095
  5. Lumix G7 + 14-42 mm – USD497

And down here I’m gonna give you some reviews about those 5 cameras, I want to be fair about this and hope it will helps you to figure out which camera that suitable for your needs.

Lists of 5 best mirrorless camera for photography beginners

#1 Sony Alpha a6300 + 16-50 mm power zoom lens – US$898
This super camera is able to shoot up to 11fps with 425 phase detection and need only 0.05 sec to get the focus and with its CMOS sensor it comes with 24.2 MP, 4K Video, and have a noise reduction that help you to shoot in a dark situation and still give a clear result.

With only US$898 on Amazon, than you will get this silver Sony Alpha a6300 with great Sony E-mount 16-50 mm f3.5-5.6, through this lens you will able to shoot for the wide landscape and great details such as food and souvenirs.

If you tired with heavy DSLR camera than moving to Sony mirrorless system will be great, here you will get the similar image quality with half the weight, it such a traveler dream!

If you are a complete beginner photographer, this is the first semi-pro camera that you must consider. Once you buy it, try to take some photos and learn photoshop editing or simply streaming on youtube than you will find that you just like a pro! One more thing, if you’re on the fence about how much to spend on a beginner photographer’s camera, than this is a GREAT place to start!


#2 Canon EOS M100 + EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM Lens (Graphite) – US$479
This M family is coming with 24.2 MP and full HD video recording at 60 fps, it’s a highly recommend for making simple vlog and documentary.

Here you will get this awesome camera compliment with 15-45 mm f3.5-6.3 IS M lens, 2 pcs of SanDisk 16GB, memory card hardcase up to 24 slots, tripod, and for sure the camera bag, what’s better than this?

I use EOS M for over than 4 years as a back up and prime camera and I could say that this M family tiny camera is awesome, you can bet on it for photos and video. All of these awesome tools and accessories will cost only US$479 on Amazon, so don’t miss it!

As a typical Canon camera, it will come to your home with huge box and it assume that all the things will delivered in safe, go for unboxing and give it the shots that you will amazed for what you doing now. Since it comes with 2 pieces of 16GM SD card than you can start to test on video and it will be awesome to make some travel vlogs.

Another great thing is it will also come with the UV filter, definitely it just simple protector but for a person like me, I’m a typical person who often to put camera EVERYWHERE than this filter helped me not worry too much about the real lens getting scratched.

Personally I recommend this camera to buy!


#3 Fujifilm X-A3 with 16-50 mm lens – US$525
The number three of best mirrorless camera for photography beginners is this cool Fujifilm X-A3 and here it comes with compliments lens of 16-50mm, what a great lens to capture the nature and landscape but it also works well to shoot details.

X-A3 come with such a nice pixel of 24.2 MP and got 49 point focus area which is great for you. It also have a macro photography feature so when you want to shoot food or small things that this X-A3 is reliable.

Don’t worry if you shoot in a dark area cause this camera able to shoot with an ISO200 to ISD25600, it is truly worth it to have and this will come to your home with just US$525 on Amazon.

I could say that X-A3 is an inexpensive mirrorless camera with 24 megapixel and it come with classic design that will make you look awesome in front of your girlfriend’s parents! Its tilt and flip-up LCD is super awesome and help you so much to create a selfie and we-fie shooting.


#4 Samsung NX300 with 20-50 mm lens – US$1,095
Samsung NX300 is an awesome mirrorless camera if you a person who concern about reporting.

Lower than his other rival, NX300 comes with only 20.3 MP and has an ISO range from 100 to 25,600. With its tilt LCD display you may take a photos with lower or higher angle easily too.

So this camera is have a SMART features (just like in its TV product) which able to make you send the photos in social media, email, direct link, OC auto back-up, and even cloud services, and one more things, it’s a Hybrid autofocus system camera.

All friends that bought this camera is saying that it is super cool and transfer is SUPER FAST, so you can buy Samsung NX300 compliment with 20-50mm lens on Amazon for US$1,095.

If you have always “dabbled” in photography, but never had a DSLR than most of my friends are so excited about this camera that I just had to check it out an am very glad that I did! All the features are great and the variety in lenses by Samsung is also very good. Don’t be surprise cause this camera is quite light and feels weird even you put the 50-200 mm zoom lens on it

One of the best featured that you can bet on it is wireless functions, when you tried with a Samsung smartphone such as note 3 and the 10.1 inch note tablet than you also can push the shutter on your phone devices, it such wonderful if you willing to take a we-fie with your friends and looks great!

Another tips if you willing to put some other amazing lens than you can try the Samyang 500 mm f8 lens (not Samsung), it seems that you put a moon telescope on your camera which is good to shots a girl who don’t reply your whatsapp, LOL! Overall happy shooting and do super fast transfer on this camera, this such best mirrorless camera for photography beginners that you should consider!


#5 Lumix G7 + 14-42 mm – USD497

The last best mirrorless camera for photography beginners that I recommend is Lumix G7, even it is a mirrorless but it has a body just like a DSLR so for you who have a big hand than it will suit on your hand and it avoids some slippery situation.

It comes with 16 MP and tilt LCD so you can do some shoot with extreme angle as what you want, truly awesome! For you who love to make a footage or video snap that be happy cause this cool thing able to give you a 4K video quality and once you stop it and captured the frames that it still comes with a 4K photo modes.

With its reliable price of US$497 in Amazon, than you can bring it home!

Lumix G7 is the 6th generation in G series family and I could say that they killing it! For me, it comes with awesome performance, size and also the price, somebody said that it belongs to mid level camera who can do high level projects.

I’m sure that you will try the 4K video and for you who used to sell photo and footage on shutterstock than this camera is helping you to earn $$$ while you sleep.


Now I would tell you some story about using mirrorless camera for your real business in photography, as I said before that I travel both for wedding shooting and leisure with my family and mirrorless camera are the most important thing that I should put on my sling bag, so when I found something special than I will take it and shoot it.

I know that every brand will produce camera with tons of features that make you confuse but these 5 best mirrorless camera for photography beginners lists are dedicate for you.

Beginner words actually is just a simple word which is mean, you still can buy it even you are a pro. So it such a simple and tiny camera that you can bring anywhere and anytime.

If my wife able to capture this beautiful and clear shots with tiny and reliable mirrorless camera, than I bet you can do it too!

Down here I’m gonna share some photos that using my EOS M camera for taking a stock photography while I’m done with my business,

I’m taking a portrait of my wife in Central Pier Hong Kong in 18 mm; f number 9; and 1/100 exposure
Here I’m capturing people in Chun Yuen St. Nort Point Hong Kong with 55mm; f number 7.1; and 1/60 exposure time

I could say that first thing first that you need to know about photography is about your own ability to capturing moments but next you definitely need one of 5 best mirrorless camera for photography beginners that I tell you above.

I tried an old pocket camera which is really bad for now than I tried $$$ DSLR camera for my job, but here I still using my mirrorless camera for street photography and take a photo of my fried noodle before I eat it, so no matter who you are than having this tiny camera on your own will still matter for you.

Cara Membuat Pricelist Foto
Me at Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong

Look at the picture above, it was me when going to Hong Kong for portrait shots of socialite ladies, it was winter on that time and my wife shoot me among other people on that area. If you ever go to Tsim Sha Tsui than you should know that this area is one of busy district in Hong Kong so taking a photo is really hard.

A lot of people passing by in front of you and you should take the photo as fast as you can,

If my wife able to capture this beautiful and clear shots with tiny and reliable mirrorless camera, than I bet you can do it too! For sure my wife using an auto focus and it comes with 18 mm lens, f number 3.5 which is the largest for this cheap lens, and she got 1/60 for the exposure time than Voila! this clear shots is coming.

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Overall thank you so much for read my article about 5 mirrorless camera for photography beginners here and please drop me a comment below if you need to ask something about photography or anything related to that. Please subscribe on my Youtube Channel since I often upload my behind the scene video or my wedding shooting or give you some tips and tricks to be survive as a photographer, see you in my next article!

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