All I want to do in this blog is sharing about my photographer career journey,

Back in 2004, it was terrible year where I got no mentor to learn photography so wasting my time by go to my friend’s studio and ask about how to shoot, how to set the price and bla…bla…bla that took me into overload information BUT got nothing on it.

I promote my wedding photography services 100% by blog, you could visit it on Bimaadhitya.com, someday I want to have a nice office too where I can meet my couple as well. Since I’m not live in a downtown area like New York or Melbourne, rather than open a studio in a primary district or joining a wedding expo I want to touch my couple’s heart personally through that blog and it works!

I serve so many awesome couple in engagement, wedding, and portrait shooting and how they know is simply by my blog. Here I could shoot for overseas couple who never meet me before and move around the world to shoot in such beautiful destination like Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Maldives.

I know that I’m not the best wedding photographer in the world but able to live as a full time wedding photographer for over than 10 years is not a simple life and I want to share it all of you.

Working Together with My Wife

doing business with your spouse

Since the past 10 years I work together with my wife Nina, she belong to my assistant and sometimes my make up artist too. If I could tell you that working together with someone who you love is amazing and as my friend said that it seems to be dream for everyone.

It’s not easy at all but it always fun and as long as you are a person who want to live by pushing your camera buttons than being photographer is one great profession that you can choose.

This blog will consist of article that written by me and while I share about photography technique like making a photo with reflection, I will also share about how to run business with your spouse….so it gonna be a real story of having a photographer’s life.


How to Explore My Blog

If this gonna be your first time to know me than visiting Start Here Page will answer your question.

I know that you ever heard quote about ‘Man behind the gun is way better than photography gear’ but talking about camera and lens will always interesting so here I also wanna share to you about my gears recommendation, no matter what camera do you use but feel free to ask me about it and I will more than happy to reply your questions.

I will regularly updating my blog surely once I’m done with photo and post production works but generally you will see new article every week so hope you love this blog as well and I could share some inspiration to you and all wedding photography madness in this planet.

Lets learn together,